As the owner of a roofing company that is highly involved in keeping up with the latest trends in customer preferences for the different types of roof, I have seen some fascinating developments in the field in recent years. One of the most interesting things that has taken a lot of work to keep up with is the fact that many people plan to get solar panels installed on their homes at some point. This matters in determining which kind of roof you will have installed for a couple reasons.

The first is that some roof types can be more or less amenable to having solar panels installed on them. In particular, tile roofs are difficult to install solar panels on due to the smooth surface and slippery nature of the tiles. In comparison, it is much easier to install solar panels on a shingle roof. The other issue with solar panels is that you need to coordinate the color of your roof material to avoid a visual clash with the color of the solar panels. This means that gray and dark gray roofs have become more popular at the expense of red and blue roofs.