Trends are everywhere in every industry. I have even read about them in industries that most people would not even think about. For example, there are many trends in the roofing industry, and they are region-specific, too. As such, I have come across some Midwest roofing trends that I have found very interesting.

The classic trend in this area is to have a shingled roof. They are often considered the easiest to install and repair and some of the most affordable. The materials vary for these shingles, however, the most common used in the area is asphalt since it is one of the cheapest.

Dutch colonial homes are very popular throughout this area of the country. As such, so are the types of roofs used on these homes. They are typically gambrel roofs. These roofs are known for their symmetrical double-sloped, double-sided appearance with double slopes on each side.

A similar style to those homes that is popular in the Midwest is the multi-gabled roof made of various materials. These are often seen on English Tudor homes, which are a popular type of home in this area. They are known for being tall and being steeply pitched.

There are many other types of Midwest roofing trends. However, these are some of the most common you may come across. You might be able to use them as inspiration for your next home no matter where you live.