When my Dad decided to buy our current home, we knew there was a little bit of risk involved. While certainly not a vintage structure, we were opting for a house that was approaching twenty years old and therefore likely getting close to the end of useful life on a number of major components.

We assumed that an HVAC replacement may be on the near horizon, and sure enough, that first summer, we had to make major repairs. The hit to the wallet was certainly unwelcome, but not entirely surprising. After watching many of our neighbors begin the process of having their roofs replaced, we assumed we were next in line. In fact, the time to have ours done came sooner than we thought.

Because our neighborhood is one in which everyone makes a real effort at style, we wanted to make certain that we were up on the very latest Midwest roofing trends. There would be nothing so upsetting as having a new roof put on the house only to find that it was hopelessly out of date.

Fortunately, we got up to speed very quickly and found something everyone on our street just loves. We could not be more proud of the look we have achieved.

Recently, there was a swarm of roofing contractors who converged on Kansas City, America’s heartland for an annual meeting. In fact, it was the 66th annual meeting of the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. This series of informative meetings was held in the convention center in Kansas City which is located close to the center of downtown.

The city was a buzz because of the recent World Series victory of the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals won the World Series of Baseball just one week prior to the convention. There was an appropriate theme for the convention entitled Strong Roots, Bright Future. The convention had a variety of speakers that demonstrated the Association’s strong leadership and heritage.

There were also a large number of educational sessions which attracted big crowds especially among the younger contractors. This convention allowed the more experienced contractors to share their knowledge and experiences with the younger, less experienced contractors. Also, there were more than 100 exhibitors on hand with an assortment of informative demonstrations. The community of Kansas City welcomed this group of hard-working roofing contractors and everyone who attended this convention expressed how professional and enjoyable it was.