It’s really interesting reading about how insulation is handled these days. If you haven’t had insulation added to your home by a contractor or haven’t seen the products in person, you are in for a surprise. The basics of home insulation means something much different than it did a few decades ago, I can tell you that much.

I remember my uncle worked at a factory that made fiberglass, and my mom later on worked for that same factory. She became a supervisor and just retired from there recently. I was always told that this fiberglass was part of what we saw as insulation from a home one time. Nowadays, they just spray the insulation in there. One of the basic concepts that people need to think about these days is that you can save money and help the environment when you choose to better insulate your home.

You’re also going to realize that outside sounds aren’t coming in through your walls as easy. Now, as for more about the basics, you also need to know what types are available, right? They all basically begin with glass mineral wool, but you still have three different choices. There could possibly be even more choices, and you do have other factors to consider for sure. In another post I mentioned that I met the owner of a roofing company called Storm Group, and I just learned that they also do insulation installation as well. Their company is Storm Group Insulation, so if you’re in the Minneapolis area, check them out.

You likely want the most cost efficient option considering it’s not something you’re going to be looking at anytime soon. Seriously though, it is important despite it not being an aesthetic feature of your home. It’s going to save you money remember, and it’s going to make your home a more peaceful place. You will find that insulation these days is budget friendly, so it may be a project you want to plan for the near future now that you know more about the basics of home insulation.