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What Are The Popular Exterior Siding Trends For Homes?

Are you looking into new siding for your home? The good news is you have so many options these days, but it can be difficult to make a final selection. You can talk things over with the siding experts, but that is a lot of information to take on with the contractor standing in front of you. They can be helpful, but you want to know what the top siding options are and a little about them before you start getting down to business.

Not too long ago, a neighbor of my mom’s leveled their home’s foundation and then put a new brick exterior on the home. It took months, and so there are two points here. First, the contractor you hire matters because you want your new siding done right and in a timely manner. They chose a company that does roofing Madison WI residents have come to trust over the years for roofing and siding, so reputation is important. Second, while brick exterior siding is nice, there are certainly many other nice options as well.

Not to mention, some of the popular choices for exterior siding are also cheaper than others. For example, vinyl siding is always trending as a cheaper option. Vinyl comes with all kinds of other advantages as well. Wood siding is also cost efficient, but it’s not always considered to be the best choice. It really depends on what you’re​ looking for, too.

Another popular exterior siding choice these days though is fiber cement siding. This type of siding can mimic other types of siding, and it doesn’t cost so much money. After looking at all of the trending siding choices out there, you will then be able to talk over choices and estimates with a contractor and get the project scheduled. Make sure there is a solid timeline and that you know exactly what to expect. Some siding is easier to install, which means you save time and money.

What Are The Home Insulation Basics?

It’s really interesting reading about how insulation is handled these days. If you haven’t had insulation added to your home by a contractor or haven’t seen the products in person, you are in for a surprise. The basics of home insulation means something much different than it did a few decades ago, I can tell you that much.

I remember my uncle worked at a factory that made fiberglass, and my mom later on worked for that same factory. She became a supervisor and just retired from there recently. I was always told that this fiberglass was part of what we saw as insulation from a home one time. Nowadays, they just spray the insulation in there. One of the basic concepts that people need to think about these days is that you can save money and help the environment when you choose to better insulate your home.

You’re also going to realize that outside sounds aren’t coming in through your walls as easy. Now, as for more about the basics, you also need to know what types are available, right? They all basically begin with glass mineral wool, but you still have three different choices. There could possibly be even more choices, and you do have other factors to consider for sure. In another post I mentioned that I met the owner of a roofing company called Storm Group, and I just learned that they also do insulation installation as well. Their company is Storm Group Insulation, so if you’re in the Minneapolis area, check them out.

You likely want the most cost efficient option considering it’s not something you’re going to be looking at anytime soon. Seriously though, it is important despite it not being an aesthetic feature of your home. It’s going to save you money remember, and it’s going to make your home a more peaceful place. You will find that insulation these days is budget friendly, so it may be a project you want to plan for the near future now that you know more about the basics of home insulation.

Some Midwest Roofing Trends

Trends are everywhere in every industry. I have even read about them in industries that most people would not even think about. For example, there are many trends in the roofing industry, and they are region-specific, too. As such, I have come across some Midwest roofing trends that I have found very interesting.

The classic trend in this area is to have a shingled roof. They are often considered the easiest to install and repair and some of the most affordable. The materials vary for these shingles, however, the most common used in the area is asphalt since it is one of the cheapest.

Dutch colonial homes are very popular throughout this area of the country. As such, so are the types of roofs used on these homes. They are typically gambrel roofs. These roofs are known for their symmetrical double-sloped, double-sided appearance with double slopes on each side.

A similar style to those homes that is popular in the Midwest is the multi-gabled roof made of various materials. These are often seen on English Tudor homes, which are a popular type of home in this area. They are known for being tall and being steeply pitched.

There are many other types of Midwest roofing trends. However, these are some of the most common you may come across. You might be able to use them as inspiration for your next home no matter where you live.

I met the owner of Storm Group Roofing!

I had the opportunity to meet the owner of Storm Group Roofing, and he was a great guy! Very knowledgeable, and as an experienced roofer for many years, he gave me some great ideas. I’d like to work for a roofing company like Storm Group, and maybe even own my own business like them some day. His business does roofing, siding, gutter guards, insulation, commercial roofing, and a few other things. Wow!

I have done some reading on various roof trends all over the U.S. One area that particularly intrigued me is what is going on in the Midwest. The latest Midwest roofing trends seem very interesting, and many people might want to have these trends used on their own roofs no matter where they live.

Sometimes the most common trend is what is already present. The majority of roofs in this area of the country are made out of asphalt, which is still very popular. More specifically, they are made out of asphalt shingles. They are still popular because of how easy they are to install and how inexpensive they are.

A newer one that was actually more popular in other parts of the country but is now more prominent in the Midwest is metal roofing. This type of roofing is either done as metal shingles or just a solid metal roof. It is also popular because of how inexpensive some of it is and the fact that it can last up to 50 years. They sound like they are ideal for the type of climate in that area, too. They may even be an option for those who live in other parts of the country since they are both affordable and sustainable.


Top Roofing Trends in the Midwest Today

As the owner of a roofing company that is highly involved in keeping up with the latest trends in customer preferences for the different types of roof, I have seen some fascinating developments in the field in recent years. One of the most interesting things that has taken a lot of work to keep up with is the fact that many people plan to get solar panels installed on their homes at some point. This matters in determining which kind of roof you will have installed for a couple reasons.

The first is that some roof types can be more or less amenable to having solar panels installed on them. In particular, tile roofs are difficult to install solar panels on due to the smooth surface and slippery nature of the tiles. In comparison, it is much easier to install solar panels on a shingle roof. The other issue with solar panels is that you need to coordinate the color of your roof material to avoid a visual clash with the color of the solar panels. This means that gray and dark gray roofs have become more popular at the expense of red and blue roofs.

What Are the Current Roofing Trends in the Midwest?

Roofing is one of those things that goes through different trends over the decades. There are many different types of roofs that all offer similarly high levels of safety and insulation, so the roof that people choose to have installed will depend on their own personal taste and preference. One of the most popular roofing styles in the past several years has been terra cotta tiles, which have a nice brown color and offer a lovely look to any home or business. However, this has fallen out of favor as these tiles have become more expensive, and as people have realized that falling tiles pose quite a danger in a storm and are expensive to replace and repair.

As a result, people are returning to shingle roofs, but the technology has improved greatly, and many different kinds of roof are available for everybody. Another important trend to consider is that more and more people are getting solar panels installed on their roofs, and if you do this, then you want to choose a roof type that is amenable to having solar panels installed and will not clash visually with the dark metallic color of the panels.

Why I Care About Midwest Roofing Trends

Putting a new roof on your home can be very expensive and if not done properly is also a mistake because the roof does not look right. This is when you should know more about why I care about the Midwest roofing trends and how this is going to impact my decision on the type of roof that I get put onto my home. Once you know this, it will be easy for you to see just why you should be caring about these trends as well.

The main reason I care about the trends is they are going to impact the different type of roof I get put onto my home. For example, in the Midwest with all their crazy and wacky weather from being nice and warm one day, to the next day having a chance for snow flurries. With such a dramatic change in the weather it tends to make it easier for people to have the roof and know that it will be able to withstand some of the extreme changes in weather and not have to be concerned about the roof wearing out quickly when it is in the same weather all the time.

Researching The Latest In Midwest Roofing Trends

When my Dad decided to buy our current home, we knew there was a little bit of risk involved. While certainly not a vintage structure, we were opting for a house that was approaching twenty years old and therefore likely getting close to the end of useful life on a number of major components.

We assumed that an HVAC replacement may be on the near horizon, and sure enough, that first summer, we had to make major repairs. The hit to the wallet was certainly unwelcome, but not entirely surprising. After watching many of our neighbors begin the process of having their roofs replaced, we assumed we were next in line. In fact, the time to have ours done came sooner than we thought.

Because our neighborhood is one in which everyone makes a real effort at style, we wanted to make certain that we were up on the very latest Midwest roofing trends. There would be nothing so upsetting as having a new roof put on the house only to find that it was hopelessly out of date.

Fortunately, we got up to speed very quickly and found something everyone on our street just loves. We could not be more proud of the look we have achieved.

Recently, there was a swarm of roofing contractors who converged on Kansas City, America’s heartland for an annual meeting. In fact, it was the 66th annual meeting of the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association. This series of informative meetings was held in the convention center in Kansas City which is located close to the center of downtown.

The city was a buzz because of the recent World Series victory of the Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals won the World Series of Baseball just one week prior to the convention. There was an appropriate theme for the convention entitled Strong Roots, Bright Future. The convention had a variety of speakers that demonstrated the Association’s strong leadership and heritage.

There were also a large number of educational sessions which attracted big crowds especially among the younger contractors. This convention allowed the more experienced contractors to share their knowledge and experiences with the younger, less experienced contractors. Also, there were more than 100 exhibitors on hand with an assortment of informative demonstrations. The community of Kansas City welcomed this group of hard-working roofing contractors and everyone who attended this convention expressed how professional and enjoyable it was.

Hello roofing enthusiasts!

Hi – my name is Joe and I have always loved roofs. I hope to be a roofer when I get old enough. Right now I’m 16 and I have been able to work a little this summer helping a local roofer. It’s really cool! They won’t let me up on the roof yet but I have been helping out with getting the crew the supplies they need and cleaning up wherever I can.

My biggest interest is the architecture of the roof. It looks like technology keeps improving the shingle quality, as well as the flashing. I’m really interested in all this stuff, and since I have to take a summer school  class, I figured why not write about something that I like! So I hope you enjoy this blog about roofing trends. Maybe I will be up on your roof one day lol!